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Array and Display

Hellooooooo and welcome!

Array and Display is owned by a husband and wife team (Melissa and Clinton) who quit their soul-sucking Corporate jobs and moved to the country to live their lives as artists.  And it all happened quite by accident!

The foundation of Array and Display was built upon a simple request.  In the Summer of 2014, I was in need of quality jewelry displays to show my jewelry collection at Dallas Market.  Finding none of quality that were made in the USA, I asked Clinton if he could make a few displays for me. One little board on a sawhorse in the backyard under the shade of an old Oak tree launched a business that would change our lives (the branch in our logo represents that tree in our backyard.  I know!  Awwww).

Less than 1 year later, we had outgrown 3 workshops, 2 studios and our first house!  So we bought a small farm and moved our business into the country.  

Array and Display started as a "what if?".   What if I put this jewelry display online and see if anyone wants it?   And because we dared to dream big and stare fear and potential failure in the face, we now live our dream life.  Follow us on social media and subscribe to the blog for product updates and events as well as behind-the-scenes of our small business on a small farm.  

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