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Array and Display

Hellooooooo and welcome!

Array and Display is owned by a husband and wife team (Melissa and Clinton) who quit their soul-sucking Corporate jobs to live their lives as artists.  And it all happened quite by accident!

The foundation of Array and Display was built upon a simple request.  In the Summer of 2014, I was in need of quality jewelry displays to show my jewelry at various fashion events in Dallas, Austin and Charlotte.  I found none of quality that were made in the USA, so I asked my always eager-to-please husband, Clinton, if he could try to make a few displays for me. One little board on a sawhorse in the backyard under the branch of an old Oak tree launched a business that would change our lives.

Less than 1 year after starting our small business, we had outgrown 3 workshops, 2 studios and our first house!  So we bought a small farm and moved our business into the country.  By our 3rd year in business, we sold the farm, moved to a tiny and adorable town, Tolar, TX, and opened a tiny boutique to showcase not only our jewelry displays, but all of our other artistic endeavors to include my jewelry collections (fashion, casual, bridal, prom, gala, quinceanera and custom designs) and our home decor as well as handmade goods from other crafty Texans we admire and support (handcrafted candles, soaps, men's grooming products, candies, bath bombs, perfumes, sculptures, wall art).  We also have a nice inventory of upcycled furniture (we have an endless desire to paint things!) and a few antiques (I'm writing this from a gorgeous, un-retouched Chippendale's desk!).  

Array and Display started as a "what if?".   What if I put one of our jewelry displays online and see if anyone wants it?   And because we dared to dream big and stare fear and potential failure in the face, we now live our dream life.  Follow us on social media and subscribe to the blog for product updates and events as well as behind-the-scenes of our small business in our tiny town.  

Thank you for your interest in our small business!   If you have questions, you can contact Melissa here.

8505 W US Highway 377, Tolar, TX, 76476

Tues - Fri: Noon - 5:30   Sat: 10 - 5  

Tolar is a small town of nearly 700 people located 45 miles SW of Fort Worth, TX, and 8 miles SW of Lake Granbury (Granbury, Texas).  Granbury is a beautiful, small town steeped in unique culture, deep Texas history and small-town hospitality. Entertainment and restaurants fill the downtown Historic Granbury Square and you can also spend time eating, fishing and relaxing on Lake Granbury.  We are only a 10-minute drive from Granbury, so take the short trip to our tiny, tiny boutique and find something unique that you didn't know you needed!

Array and Display proudly supports our community by donating a percentage of sales to Hood County Animal Control (in honor of our own rescues, Lily, Jax and Dexter), and to our Tolar Volunteer Fire Department which accepts donations for equipment and programs that keep our firefighters and our community safe.  If you would like to make a donation to either of these organizations without making a purchase from our website, you can do so by clicking the "donate" button below.  Our sheltered animals in need of care (and a forever home!) and our brave volunteer firefighters will be grateful for your generosity.

Pet Adoption Schedule (donations not accepted on the website)  Tolar Volunteer Fire Department (donations accepted)

We are happy to supply a receipt upon request and will use the email address you provide at checkout.